Discovering Flavors

Consumer appetite for exciting and diverse taste experiences in food and
beverages is phenomenal. That’s why we focus on, invest in, and care so
much about innovation programmes that are inspired by technology, haute
cuisine, consumer understanding and, of course, nature itself. We meet your
needs through seeking the future of flavours, right here in the present.
They want to explore a destination's art, history and food, find that perfect
spot to watch the sun set over a spectacular skyline or surround themselves
with its festivities.Sharing with Owners and guests the local experiences
found near its properties in Boston, New York, South Beach, San Diego and
Washington, D.C. is what makes Marriott Vacation Club PulseSM—the
citycentric brand extension of Marriott Vacation Club—unique. Close to local

attractions and interests, each property's style reflects the spirit and culture
of its surroundings, creating for every guest a genuine sense of place.

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